Chemical cleaning of pre-operational and operational industrial sites since 2004

At Agaleus we come to your site to carry out chemical cleaning processes specifically designed for your particular issues.
We also remove and manage all waste generated.


Boilers Refrigeration lines Reactors Pipework Hydraulic circuits Stainless steel equipment Oxygen pipework Loading lines Turbine circuit Hydrogen sulphide removal Removal of pyrophorics Gas pipe Ovens Lines associated with the tank Complete installation or individual equipment Laboratories


Petrochemicals Paper factories Port terminals Shipyard Chemical industry Automotive plants Cement plant Steelworks Refineries Gas plants Thermal power stations Solar thermal plant Incinerators Photovoltaic plants Pharmaceutical

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We take care of the whole process, from start to finish


Engineering study

We adapt to meet your needs on the basis of pre-service tests in which we analyse the type of incrustation on the site.


Chemical cleaning and adaptation

  • Acid-alkaline process

  • Oil flushing

  • Recirculation

  • Vapour phase cleaning

  • Surface treatment

  • Passivation

  • Degreasing Neutralised waste

  • Magnetite formation Steam blasting


  • Setting up the equipment
  • Staff travel


Removal of material and waste generated

Final report

Drawing up report

Removal of material and waste generated

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Frequently-asked questions

Why is chemical cleaning needed?

We offer the possibility of accessing hard-to-reach areas where conventional cleaning is not effective. This results in more thorough cleaning with no need to dismantle machines, which saves time and resources. Our method guarantees uniform cleaning that protects the materials of which machines are made by preventing the formation of rust and incrustations that might affect their performance and working life. Also, removing accumulated waste significantly reduces the physical risk of explosion, ensuring a safer, more efficient work environment.


When is chemical cleaning advisable?

Before starting up machines during the pre-operational phase, it is highly advisable to carry out cleaning of this kind. It is also essential to carry out operational cleaning before conducting inspections or opening machines, as well as in the event that a drop in performance is spotted in parameters like flow or temperature. This approach is in fact a preventive maintenance measure during the normal operation of machines. In situations where pipework is affected by contamination due to leaks or errors, cleaning of this kind is even more critical in order to ensure proper operation and integrity of the system.

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