We focus on maximising the value of waste by converting it into useful, sustainable resources

We have a range of recovery services

Hydrocarbon recovery

We recover oily waste, hydrocarbons and cutting fluids.

We treat and regenerate hazardous oily waste by separating the oily fraction for recovery.

We are part of the Sigaus network

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Solvent recovery

We recover halogenated and non-halogenated solvents.

We recover spent solvents through distillation and decanting processes to give ready-to-use regenerated solvents.

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Transfer centre

Equipped with the necessary, suitable means for proper management of waste that cannot be dealt with in our treatment processes and must therefore be sent to other final destinations.

At our temporary storage centre we offer collection of:

  • Absorbents

  • Contaminated solids
  • Batteries, power cells and fluorescent strips

  • Brake fluid and antifreeze
  • Oil and air filters

  • Aerosols

  • Spent chemicals and laboratory reagents

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Hydrocarbon recovery

Solvent recovery

We adhere to the highest environmental and quality standards


We offer waste recovery, temporary storage and hold Integrated Environmental Authorisation (IEA). We also have ISO 14001 environmental certification.

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