We offer comprehensive solutions for cleaning and maintenance of your industrial equipment and facilities, taking on both general and specific projects.

Types of industrial cleaning

Chemical cleaning

This consists of recirculating a dissolved chemical compound, at controlled temperature and a predetermined speed, through the equipment, line or surface to be cleaned.

Hydromechanical cleaning

Lorries fitted with combined suction and pressure equipment are used for industrial cleaning in facilities of all kinds.

Dry ice blasting

We provide different kinds of additional cleaning processes to complement chemical and hydromechanical ones, such as dry ice blasting.

Tank cleaning and decommissioning

We clean tanks of all kinds, as well as decommissioning them, and can deal with processing deregistration with the Industry department.

Our experience allows us to provide a series of techniques and processes involving constant adaptation and innovation, offering solutions to complex industrial cleaning tasks, especially chemical ones, on sites as complex as refineries, power stations, steelworks and the food industry.

We adhere to the highest environmental and quality standards


Our methods include quality as an essential component, proven by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 environmental certification.

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